Are you hearing strange noises? When you leave a room, have things been moved when you return? You might have a ghost hanging out. And instead of having people look at you strange, when you tell them, you can now prove it - with your very own ghost hunting gear.

So who you gonna call? Craigslist!

A Minnesota Craigslist ad has ghost hunting gear for sale.

Like new ghost hunting gear up for sale. Comes with digital recorders, EDI meter, EMF meter, Kinect SLS camera, IR illuminators, walkie talkies, K2 meter, and spirit box. All excellent shape! Located in Eagan, serious inquiries only! Firm on price. - Craigslist


It seems to have everything you need to hunt a ghost (not that I know what you need). I certainly don’t know what most of this stuff does but it looks and sounds pretty techie. According to, here’s what some of the items do:

EMF meter: It's used to detect changes in the electromagnetic energy in the air -- and when the song “Unbelievable” is playing.

EDI meter: This does what the EMF meter does – but so much more. It also detects pressure, vibration, temperature, and even humidity.

IR illuminator: I figured the IR was infrared, but what does it do? You attach to your ghost hunting camera to catch ghosts in different light spectrums.

K2 meter: Apparently it does what that EMF meter does. So I’m confused.

Spirit Box: Please tell me it’s a ghost trap! Please tell me it’s a ghost trap! – Wrong. It catches ghost audio using radio frequencies or something. For instance, if you want to hear that new jam that Prince has been working on in the spirit world, this is what you need.

And this stuff is just the beginning. There is so much more.


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