We have all had an encounter with a rude driver, right? Someone who cut you off in traffic, and then you look and see that they don't have a Minnesota licenses plate. Drivers then blame it on the driver being from a different state. Right?

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Road rage (male)

Everyone makes mistakes on the road, it happens, we just need to learn from it. Some, on the other hand, are just flat-out rude when they drive. Minnesotans are typically not one of them.

Minnesota Has The 4th Most Polite Drivers By State

A new study from Bankrate says that Minnesotans are the 4th most polite drivers in the nation. The only states that were more polite than Minnesotans were Vermont, Nebraska, and Maine. That list isn't surprising at all.


The Rudest Drivers By State Were Not Surprising

Even the list of states that had the rudest drivers wasn't surprising.

California, Nevada, and Florida were slated in the top 3 spots.

Now just because a state has the rudest drivers does not always mean they are the worst drivers. According to Bankrate.

"When it comes to ranking states according to the best and worst drivers, it turns out that the states with the worst drivers are not always the states with the rudest drivers. That’s why we used several studies, including other rankings of the rudest drivers, as well as rankings for the rudest states and the states with the worst drivers, to determine our picks for the states with the most and fewest rude drivers."

Man hand holding steering wheel in motion while drives.

You can see the full story from Bankrate on their website here.

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