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You can probably guess yourself which state it is, it really doesn't come at much of a surprise.

July 14th is National Mac and Cheese Day and the cooking site The Daring Kitchen tracked over 150,000 tweets that had many different mac and cheese related hashtags including #macandcheese, #macandcheeselover, #macandcheeserecipe, #nationalmacandcheeseday, #macandcheeseday, #macaroniandcheese.

After going through all of the geotagged tweets, Minnesota was ranked second on their list, right behind Wisconsin. That really doesn't come as a surprise to anyone, right? Wisconsin is the biggest dairy producer in the country and folks are known for putting cheese on their heads.

Here is the full top ten:

1. Wisconsin
2. Minnesota
3. Georgia
4. North Dakota
5. Nebraska
6. Iowa
7. Massachusetts
8. South Carolina
9. Tennessee
10. Missouri

The Midwest really dominated the country when it comes to their love of mac and cheese.

Map From The Daring Kitchen
Map From The Daring Kitchen

Also, does the west coast just not eat cheese? I thought happy cows came from California?

That video is from FM1156's Youtube.

Well, maybe those are west just aren't tweeting about it.

Regardless it is a childhood favorite and something many adults have made their own spin on with it including lobster mac and cheese, mac and cheese and hotdogs (okay, that one is for the kids too) but you get the picture.

We sure do love cheese in Minnesota, but I am not sure if Minnesotans will ever love it as much as Wisconsinites.


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