American workers put in A LOT of hours. In fact, some of the most in the world.

According to a study from our friends at Wallet Hub, Americans put in an average of 1,767 hours of work per year. which is roughly 33 hours per week over 52 weeks. Americans only use about half of their available vacation days, too.

Even when given the chance to not work as hard, many Americans won’t. Americans only use about half of their vacation days in a typical year, but forfeited even more than usual during the COVID-19 pandemic. Aside from the pandemic, there are plenty of reasons why workers leave paid time off on the table. Some workers fear that if they take time off they will look less dedicated to the job than other employees, risking a layoff. Others worry about falling behind on their work or are concerned that the normal workflow will not be able to function without them.

Minnesota Ranks Inside The Top 20

So, where does Minnesota rank when it comes to ranking the hardest working states in the nation? Well, it nearly cracks the Top 15. Wallet Hub looked at 10 key indicators to rank all 50 states.

Minnesota slid in at no. 16 ranking fairly high in several categories including 17th in Employment Rate, 5th in share of workers with multiple jobs, 18th in annual volunteer hours per resident, and 10th in average leisure time spent per day.

Source: WalletHub

This ranking makes sense for Minnesota. We have all of this beautiful land to travel and enjoy, whether it is the 10,000+ lakes, the beautiful bluffs, or more, there is always something to check out. So, utilize that time off wisely. Also, it can get to be incredibly cold in the winter, so using some of that time off to travel south into some warmer climate isn't a bad idea either.

Yet, when it comes time to work, we all know that Minnesotans can step up. Ranking in the top 20 in volunteer hours shows that Minnesotans are committed to one another. We also have incredible farmland that farmers are working on every single day, and not to forget the workers in the hospitals, law enforcement, military, firefighters, paramedics, and more who are ready for any call at any time.

They are all true heroes that work incredibly hard. A good reminder to thank all of them for the time and effort they put in!

Midwest Well Represented At The Top

The midwest was well represented in the Top 5. North Dakota ranked no. 2, Nebraska ranked no. 3 and South Dakota ranked no. 4. Alaska came in at no. 1.

On the flip side of things, New Mexico ranked no. 50, West Virginia ranked no. 49, and New York came in at no. 48. You can see the entire list of rankings from Wallet Hub here.

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