It's awesome hearing about people going through a tough time getting a chance to break away from their reality and have a fun time, especially kids. I'm thinking of kids getting their wishes granted through 'Make a Wish' and those kinds of experiences. Something similar happened to a Minnesota teen who is battling leukemia right now. She was asked to be a part of a new movie that's currently being filmed.

Her name is Ayotzin, she's 13 and has been battling leukemia for about a year and a half, according to Bring Me the News. She's been through a lot since her diagnosis and is currently in the hospital. Her mom, Shoni, said that she's always keeping her eyes peeled for the chance to make fun memories with her daughter.

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One of their most recent fun adventures took them to the set of a movie being filmed. It's a movie that we've talked about a few times now, 'Marmalade, that's being filmed in Jordan, MN with actor Joe Keery from 'Stranger Things' starring in the movie. Ayotzin is a 'Stranger Things' fan and when her mom found out about the movie and that Joe was in it she emailed the producers to see if she could somehow get her daughter involved.

Pretty soon, Shoni heard back asking her and her daughter to come to filming to be background actors. So on June 20th, they got permission to leave the hospital for the day to go to Jordan and be in a scene with Joe himself! They don't interact with Joe's character in the scene but they're in the background shopping, so if you see the movie, be on the lookout! Also, in case you were wondering, Joe did stop by and say hello to Ayotzin and Shoni while they were there.

Also if you'd like to help support Ayotzin, Shoni, and Ayotzin's siblings throughout their cancer fight, there's a Go Fund Me set up if you're interested in checking it out.

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