Just a few nights ago in Minneapolis, a woman decided to see if she could fit in a baby swing. Not the best idea. She ended up getting stuck.

Bring Me the News brings up the very important point that this happens almost exactly a year after a teen got her head stuck in a tailpipe at Winstock. *Sigh*

So this woman somehow gets herself into this baby swing and the fire department had to come help. City Pages says that the incident report reads “'FRIEND IS STUCK IN THE BABY SWING. IS AWAKE AND BREATHING NORMAL.'”

The fire department did eventually get her freed by 10 PM that night. The police report doesn't say what kind of baby swing she got stuck in but we can only assume it was the one that's sort of like a diaper, you put your legs through the small holes in the front. If that's the swing we're talking about the swing literally says "WARNING: THIS SWING SEAT HAS BEEN DESIGNED FOR VERY SMALL CHILDREN."


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