I personally have been called out many times for being a super picky eater and not willing to try a lot of different things. But honestly I don't think I am that picky just because I don't like sea food or venison for example. I know what I like and am not starving that is for sure. But I think I would rather starve then eat this disgusting concoction. Now anyone who has kids or a kid knows how picky they can be and when you are trying to balance all that life is throwing at you sometimes you need to use a little imagination to get your kids fed and out the door. Food like SpaghettiOs is generally a cheap and fast food to prepare for your kids but this woman has taken it to the next level. I personally am not a fan I think it tastes like the tin can it comes in, and then you add those nasty hot dogs or meatballs and I am definitely out.

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The woman in the video does not identify herself but some sleuths from Bring Me The News figured out she was from Minnesota based on the brand of garlic salt (Kowalski's) she heaps on the white bread and the dish itself. They were able to find her social media account but did not release her name due to some serious backlash this recipe has rendered. Like this meal is not unhealthy enough her poor kids are getting enough sodium to last them into their teens. In watching this video the tipping point for me is when she dumps milk into it and stirs it, with the milk turning a sick pink color.

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