This might just be the best birthday present a person could get. Donald Dennis lost his wedding ring when he was grocery shopping in his hometown in Minnesota 5 years ago, and the ring has now made it down to his Florida home just in time for his 100th birthday.

The store that Dennis lost the ring at was an Aldi, and when it was being remodeled the contractor on the job found it. Luckily the ring was engraved with Donald's name, his wife's name, and their wedding date. With that information, the store managers were able to track down the couple's daughter to help return the lost ring.

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The universe was really working in Donald's favor because the wife of the man who found the ring was already planning to travel to Florida the week of Donald's 100th birthday party. She safely got the ring down there and in the hands of a family friend, Camille Falconer, who presented it to Donald. It fit perfectly.

Camille told FirstCoast News:

He teared up. He got the biggest grin on his face and he just held that in his hand like it was a treasure, which it is, and he put it right back on his finger and it fit just fine.

Donald's 100th birthday was made complete with cake, balloons, and a special ride to the birthday venue in an army vehicle.

The universe works in mysterious ways. I love hearing these lost and returned wedding ring stories, they are a good reminder to never give up hope, and good things come to those who wait. Happy birthday Donald!


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