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St Paul (KROC AM News) - It’s been two weeks since the state started accepting applications for Minnesota's Frontline Worker Pay bonuses and they have been averaging more than 50,000 per day.

A spokesman for the state Department of Labor and Industry reported Wednesday:

“As of 3:30 p.m., June 21, we've received 725k submissions since the application process opened June 8.”

State officials had earlier estimated less than 700,000 workers would likely qualify for the covid pandemic-related program.


MN Dept of Labor & Industry
MN Dept of Labor & Industry


The state legislature approved $500-million to fund the program for frontline employees who worked at least 120 hours between March 15, 2020 and June 30 last year.

Officials said the bonuses are expected to be between $750 and $1500 per worker.

Applications will be accepted through July 22.

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