I get to work with some pretty cool people, but there’s one coworker I really need to call out today. I’m sorry, Devin, but the world needs to know. Now Devin is usually a solid, normal dude. But today at lunch, I discovered something about him that I’ll never be able to unsee. In fact, it may have forever changed how I view him from now on.

That’s because Devin ate THIS for lunch:

Credit: TSM Rochester

Ewwww! What is THAT, you’re probably saying to yourself right now. In case you can’t tell, that white stuff is cottage cheese. That brown stuff? Here, let me show you another photo I took of his disgusting lunch:

Credit: TSM Rochester

Yes, that’s right. Devin puts COFFEE CREAMER on COTTAGE CHEESE. That’s…not normal, right? He seemed to think that it was completely fine, since cottage cheese is dairy and it’s just like putting it on milk. He says it makes the cottage cheese taste sweeter.

Am I going insane? There’s no way this is normal.


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