The Salvation Army's Red Kettle campaign started back in 1891 when Joseph McFee wanted to provide a free Christmas meal for people in need in the San Francisco area. McFee placed a pot in a busy part of town, and the rest is history. He raised enough that year to feed 1,000 people. Today, the Salvation Army uses the donations collected during the holiday season to fund all of its programs throughout the year.

Every dollar is appreciated, but it's the bigger and more unique donations that will be featured in the news of the next few weeks. One of these feel-good stories involved a mystery donor in Minnesota who has earned the nickname "Saint Grand" because of the donations he or she has been making.


Mystery Donor Has Dropped Over $150,000 Into Minnesota Red Kettles


According to the Star Tribune, St. Grand has a history of making $1,000 donations at red kettles in and around the Twin Cities, and it's estimated the person has donated $152,500 over the last 11-years.

Loose change and dollar bills aren't the only things dropped in the buckets according to Major Bob Mueller from the Rochester Salvation Army.

Salvation Army photo
Salvation Army photo
"It's actually a really fun part of the kettle season. You just never know what's going to show up in those kettles."

In 2019, he told us they've discovered gold Krugerrand coins, other gold coins, and even gold fillings.  

The Salvation Army is in need of bellringers. If you'd like to volunteer you can visit or call 218-370-1093. Rochester's Salvation Army says the greatest need right now is Christmas gifts.

With 20 million Americans facing food insecurity and 7.1 million behind on rent, pandemic poverty is far from over. That’s why The Angel Tree program of Rochester, MN, is working hard to ensure that hope marches on this holiday season for local families in need.
Gifts are collected at the sharing tree inside the Apache Mall. If you'd like to help you can find a wishlist here.

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