Exciting news for Rochester, Minnesota!  A new bike shop called New Spin Bicycle Shop has been in the works for a bit in the NW area and is having its huge grand opening on Friday, October 1st, and Saturday, October 2nd.

New Spin Bicycle Shop - Nate Nordstrom

New Spin Bicycle Shop is Opening Soon in Rochester, Minnesota!

It's not a secret that I love bike riding!  My favorite rides involve bacon but unfortunately, I've been sidelined from my favorite activity due to a knee injury.  I've been researching some different options on how to get back on a bike and have been thinking about e-bikes.  I knew that New Spin was working on opening and just as I was getting ready to drive over to the shop by Newt's North, I saw on Facebook that New Spin was having its grand opening on October 1st!

New Spin Bicycle Shop - Nate Nordstrom

Chit Chat with Nate Nordstrom, owner of New Spin Bicycle Shop

I love hearing about new places that are opening so I reached out to Nate to get some more info on what his new shop will be offering.  He shared a bunch of great info along with some amazing tips for anyone thinking about taking up biking as a hobby.  Nate's also a dad to 4 kids so he added a fun parenting tip for everyone trying to do life right now with kids.

You can RSVP to stop by, take a test spin on some of the bikes available and even enjoy some kettle corn here.

New Spin Bicycle Shop - Nate Nordstrom
New Spin Bicycle Shop - Nate Nordstrom

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