Uber has been cracking down on riders who refuse to wear a mask. So they are now requiring a mask selfie from those offenders before they can even order a ride!


The ride share app has already brought the ban hammer down on those who have refused to follow the company's required mask order, riders and drivers alike! Uber made the announcement on Tuesday (September 1st), that passengers who have refused to wear a face covering will now be required to send a "mask selfie" before they can request a ride.

Uber made wearing a face covering mandatory back in May for both riders and drivers. Many people have been following the rules but there have been some select few who have not taken too kindly to the mandate.

If we do have people who are still violating the policy, we want to be able to verify them with an extra step. If they're not wearing a mask, they will not be able to take a ride. - Sachin Kansal, Senior Director of Product Management

Drivers have been needing to submit a photo of them selves each time before "clocking in". Uber also states that passengers have a check list they need to follow before getting into an Uber vehicle, and for repeat mask offenders, a selfie is now part of that list.

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