Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - Forget about outdoor public swimming opportunities in Rochester this summer.

The city Parks and Recreation Department Wednesday announced that Foster Arend Beach, Silver Lake Pool and Soldiers Field Pool will be closed this summer due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The department says, "The level of public congregation that takes place at aquatic facilities and the level of staff required to operate these facilities limit possibilities for opening and managing these facilities safely this summer."

But, the department says city playgrounds and the skate park at Silver Lake Park have reopened, with this advisory - they will not be sanitized. In addition, users are required to follow all social distancing guidelines. 

The department says the projected loss of $2.4-million in revenue as a result of the pandemic also means there will be “changes in maintenance standards throughout Rochester’s 102 parks and 100 miles of trails.”  

  •         The Parks and Recreation Department will focus efforts on maintaining playground equipment, structures and other park amenities. 
  •         Priority will be given to trees on public property that are diseased or are otherwise in unsafe condition.
  •         Mowing will take place on a less frequent basis and some areas in the park system will remain un-mowed. 
  •         Golf courses will increase “no-mow” areas.
  •         Sports fields will be kept at a minimum standard until restrictions are lifted on games and practices.
  •         Some Flowerbeds and other landscaped areas will not be maintained.
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