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Every Wednesday, the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office releases five warrants. In no particular order and not necessarily Olmsted County's Most Wanted. This week's are accurate as of July 21,2021.

Olmsted County Warrants Included In Today's Collection:

  • Calvin Cooliage Reavers - Felony - 1st degree burglary assault person on property.
  • Tyler James Kennedy - Felony domestic assault by strangulation

Honorable Mention for Mug Shot of the Week goes to Mark Anthony Heath. Scroll down to the gallery to see his charges.

Olmsted County Sheriff's Office
Olmsted County Sheriff's Office

LOOK: Highlighted Warrants for Goodhue and Olmsted County (as of October 6, 2021)

Goodhue and Olmsted County Warrants are selected by each office and do not necessarily represent "most wanted" in either county.

If you see any of these people, do not approach or attempt to apprehend them. Instead, in Olmsted County, during weekdays call 507-328-6830. After 5 PM and on weekends, call 507-328-6800. In Goodhue County, call 651-358-3155.

As always, in an emergency, call 911.

The goal of both offices is to create awareness so these individuals can be found.

This gallery is of individuals wanted as of October 6, 2021. If you are viewing this gallery at any time after that date, the warrants listed could be settled.

Although it's been added to each image, a reminder. if you recognize someone, it's not your job to approach them, try to detain them, or do anything other than call the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office and let them know your info.

The accessible version...

If you see any of these individuals during weekdays call the Olmsted County Sheriff's Office at 507-328-6830. If it's after 5 PM and on weekends, call 507-328-6800.

Recent Most Wanted Warrants from Steele County (Special thanks to Paul Shea)

Steele County Sheriff's Office
Steele County Sheriff's Office

Wanted for: Escape from Custody
Name: Jonelle Suezette Hill - DOB: 01/25/1981
Height: 5' 1"
Weight: 240 LBS
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Steele County Sheriff's Office
Steele County Sheriff's Office

Wanted for: DANCO Violation (Domestic Abuse No Contact Order)
Name: Richard Allan Miller Jr.
DOB: 04/18/1977
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 130 LBS
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brown/Bald

And in other crime news...something lighter than usual. Dumb excuses!

Horrible Excuses For Speeding Given To Rochester Area State Troopers (by Luke Lonien)

This past Friday, The Minnesota State Patrol shared a list of some horrible excuses that Rochester district state troopers received.

Minnesota State Patrol
Minnesota State Patrol

"Speedometer is broken"

Ahhh yeah, because you can't tell you are traveling faster than every other car on the road?? Okay, then.

"Dog just pooped in the backseat."

This is valid, but you'd think the trooper would sniff this one out if it was true, right?! This one probably just made the trooper laugh out loud while writing a ticket.

"Sneezed and stepped on the gas too hard"

Yeah because everyone's instant reaction is to slam on the gas for an extended period of time once they sneeze

"My car is too fast."

This one just has one, easy solution....keep your foot off the gas.

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