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Winter Storm Uri left a mess in its wake. Just ask Texas.

...the problems caused by this week’s cold temperatures and snow may linger for months - broken water and natural gas pipes and service lines, large swaths of damaged electrical infrastructure and all the damage this caused and more. Read More: Texas Warms Up; Problems Caused by Historic Winter Weather.

But what's it really like being in Texas. We reached out Frank Pain, morning host on Kool FM (which he's thinking of changing to Siberia FM), in Abilene, Texas. Tap play to hear the conversation from Rochester Minnesota's Y-105FM Early Morning Show. You will love his Texas accent.

Frank Pain
Frank Pain

Want to read the transcript? Tap here.

Two of Abilene's three water processing plants were down, and the one that worked barely worked. The snow was a hassle, but they could deal with that if it weren't for the blasted cold and lack of power.

21 Pictures That Show You What Texas Is Going Thru

Winter Storm Uri did a number on Texas. Scroll thru, see what it looks like, and read the first hand accounts.

This is my favorite exchange from the call...

James: Dude, you let me know if there's something that we could do up here, start a movement or something, or just a place people could go to donate?

Frank: Yeah, I sure will. And speaking of movement, thanks to no water. That's one thing that we're not able to do right now. So, you know, you know, keep that in mind as well, because, uh, you know, I, I build up, I build up a lot of my own internal and, uh, once it expelled, uh, it's going to be bad.

They're not out of the woods yet, so please keep our cold southerners in your thoughts and prayers.

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