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Rochester and everywhere else, please, for the love of all that is holy, stop friending me to sell me stuff!

I'm not talking about people that use social media for their business. That's cool. I'm talking about people that'll friend you and send you private messages trying to sell you something. Like this one I received shortly after I revealed publicly I'd been diagnosed with T2 Diabetes.

From James Rabe's DM's
From James Rabe's DM's

This runs along the same lines as people trying to sell me a "detox system" so I don't have to keep taking anti-rejection medication to keep my transplanted kidney going. No...knock it off.

a) Any detox that isn't dialysis, etc, is a scam. Seriously. I have organs that detox my body every day. When they stop working, I go to the doctor. You drink water, you eat a healthy diet, and go to the bathroom regularly, your body is detoxing. If you aren't pooping on the regular, you don't need a "detox system" you need something to help you poop. Talk to your doctor, nurse, PA, etc.

Liliia Rudchenko

ii) You know how I reduce my need for medication with T2 Diabetes? I eat a balanced diet, I move around, I get enough sleep. If those things aren't working for me, I'm going to talk to my doctor's office before I buy some kinda crap online from someone that ONLY connects with me to sell me something.

3) "We're just trying to help you..." No you're not, you're trying to sell me something. That's the American way. "You can always say no." Sure can, that's what I'm doing right here, making it known if you friend me just to sell me something, you'll get blocked. B L Ocked. 

So much of what people try to sell me is what I call "Woo." The detoxes, the miracle drugs, the vitamins that if taken a certain way = I'll loose weight effortlessly and make every woman want me and every man want to be me. They're woo because they're based on junk science, no science, or greed. As in "Wooo, that's a waste of money."

dollar denominations with fine coins

Like vagina steaming. ((argh!)) No one needs their vagina steamed, Gwenneth! And yeah, that's a real thing. But no, it isn't something anyone needs and could damage your body. (Harvard Health).

Have a great day, eat healthy food, move around, and please wear a mask. My life may depend on it.

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