A prankster in Minneapolis, Minnesota made a big soapy mess on Hennepin Ave. Thursday morning. I mean, I guess it helped clean up the street? Maybe?

I spotted the video from WCCO this morning on Facebook and I thought it had snowed for a second. Turns out, someone had decided it would be funny to pour soap into a fountain on Hennepin Ave. this morning and take off.

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You can see that the soap had overflowed from the fountain and was piling up on the sides. I have to be honest, I would totally run through that, it looks like it would be fun. But of course, a big pain in the butt for whoever has to clean that up. Security was not able to find the person who did it when they got to the fountain this morning. And I have to steal this joke from WCCO because it's too good, "it appears the assailant made a ... clean getaway."

Did you ever pull any pranks back in the day? That wasn't really my thing... shocking, I know. I'd do dumb prank calls with friends but that was about it. Did you see the story from a few months ago about the prank at one Minnesota high school? Some seniors released pigeons into the school! I felt so bad for the birds in that situation.

If you have a good prank story you can send me a message on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter (@carlyrossonair), I'd love to hear your stories.

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