Early morning Sunday was a bit hazy.  Still, when I arrived at the Fillmore County Airport in Preston for the Fly-In, Drive-In breakfast, planes had already landed.  Pilots and passengers were engaged in conversation much like you would hear at a classic car show.  Lively banter about how old their plane is, how many miles on it, how far they flew today, etc.  Very enjoyable!  To the task at hand.  These folks were hungry!  B&B Bowl of Preston catered the breakfast and served egg bake, sausage, fresh fruit, biscuits and gravy and beverage.  As the sun broke through and the sky turned a beautiful blue, folks ate, visited, and of course, checked out the planes.  A couple of four-legged friends even came to eat!  This was my first experience working for the B&B at the breakfast, and I enjoyed every minute.  I saw neighbors and old friends, and made some new friends.  I hope you enjoy the photos of a very enjoyable day.  See you next year!  All photos I Edwards TSM


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