As we learned last week, not everyone appreciates an unruly yard. In fact, a North Mankato resident was recently taken to court for his untamed yard.

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However, that's not the case in this situation. A Duluth homeowner's lawn is covered in pretty much everything imaginable, from dolls to flowers to clocks, but luckily it sounds like he hasn't had any run-ins with the courts.

Byron Kuster via Facebook

It's a lot to marvel at, but quite frankly, it's kind of stunning. I have to admit, everything is rather orderly and neat, too.

Byron Kuster via Facebook

I feel like this is a picture you'd see in an 'I Spy' book. I'm curious how much money has gone into these decorations, and on the other hand, I'm fascinated to know if items ever get stolen. It might be hard to keep track of all the treasures when the entire collection is so massive.

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Byron Kuster via Facebook

Facebook was flooded with appreciative comments.

Juliet W. wrote:

"I think it’s beautiful and artistic. I see no mold, but tons of intention and care. Antique shops are filled with these objects. Homes are filled with them. They are getting a new use and I think it’s great!"

Jackie L. commented:

"I love it! Thanks for posting. The house itself is beautiful and I love that someone is doing something different and interesting. It's organized in a way that makes it intentional instead of junky."

I have to say I think it's a neat expression of self. Would I want to live next door to it? Now, that's another question. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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