The votes are in on the MnDOT Name The Snowplow Contest winners, and the eight winners will be headed to eight different districts across the great state of Minnesota, but did we get it right?

That is what this investigation is all about. First off, did the best eight names win this contest? Was there a name that was completely snubbed? What name made the list that really shouldn't have?

First, let's start by taking a look at the eight winners from the contest, along with what district that will be headed toward.

Plowy McPlowFace – Metro District - 65,292 votes
Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya – District 4 - 29,457 votes
Duck Duck Orange Truck – District 1 - 25,824 votes
Plow Bunyan – District 2 - 22,016 votes
Snowbi Wan Kenobi – District 6 - 21,568 votes
F. Salt Fitzgerald – District 7 - 20,699 votes
Darth Blader – District 3 - 20,344 votes
The Truck Formerly Known As Plow – District 8 - 17,549 votes

Did Minnesotans get this right? Here are my officially official rankings of the best Snowplow names from the MnDOT Name The Snowplow contest:

1. Snobi Wan Kenobi

Does this name take first because my dad said I was named after Luke Skywalker for the first 12 years of my life so I immediately think anything Star Wars-related is the best? Quite possibly. My love for Star Wars is what leads me to know, without question, that Snobi Wan Kenobi is the best name out there and frankly should have taken first place. Yes, Snobi Wan Kenobi is headed to District 6 in Southeast Minnesota.

2. The Truck Formerly Known As Plow

Minnesotans find ways to honor Prince in any way possible, and I love it every time. He earned it.

3. Ope, Just Gonna Plow Right Past Ya

One of the reasons that this one isn't higher on the list is that it is kind of a mouthful to say. I'll butcher it a few times. Almost every Minnesotan and Midwesterner has uttered the phrase "Ope, just gonna squeeze right past ya" which earns it a Top 3 ranking.

4. Darth Blader

No, my dad's name isn't Darth....or Anakin for that matter...but anything related to Star Wars is going to land high on my list and Darth Blader sounds like a Snow Plow that nobody wants to mess with.

5. F. Salt Fitzgerald

It was one of the few names that actually made me say out loud "Oh, that's a good one". Those were literally the words out of my mouth, just not with a ton of enthusiasm, which explains the No. 5 ranking.

6. Plowy McPlowFace 

It took first place in the Minnesotans' vote by a wide margin, but it just doesn't do it for me. I'd much rather have a snow plow named Snobi Wan Kenobi. It is just too gimmicky for me.

7. Babe the Orange Plow

This is the Paul Bunyan reference that should have won. While Plow Bunyan is a fine name for a snowplow, Babe the Orange Plow fits perfectly and I think was a missed opportunity for all of Minnesota!

8. Duck Duck Orange Truck

Just like it is Duck Duck Grey Duck, it is Duck Duck Orange Truck, and every other state plays the game wrong, I'm sorry.


So, how did MnDOT come up with the finalist names? Back in mid-December, MnDOT asked Minnesotans to submit creative names for a snowplow, and then MnDOT staff had the tough task of narrowing it down to the 50 finalists from the more than 22,000 names submitted. From there, Minnesotans voted on their favorite names.

“We are amazed by the number of creative name suggestions people proposed,” said Commissioner Margaret Anderson Kelliher. “We thank everyone for their votes and participation in this fun contest, and through the process, becoming more aware of our snowplows, the tireless women and men who operate them, and the work necessary to keep our roads safe.”

You can see the full list of the 50 finalists and the votes cast from there on MnDOT's website.


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