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It was 2019, and the race for Mayor for the Day was tight. Over 300 Minnesota 4th - 6th graders wrote an essay for the competition (put on by League of Minnesota Cities), but not everyone could win.

The judges conferred, and reworked their figures, and finally the winners were announced. Rochester's first winner, and one of the honorable mentions in the statewide contest, was Apollo Homb. He was in 4th grade and couldn't wait to be mayor for a day with Mayor Kim Norton.

City of Rochester / Art by Rabe
City of Rochester / Art by Rabe

We have a copy of his platform, I mean essay right here. Tell me you wouldn't want Apollo to be a part of the city decision making process.

If I were mayor for a day, I would do the following things to improve the street maintenance!

1. Do the research to find out the best technology and cost effective ways for roadifying that can support MN winter long term.

2. Meet with current road maintenance frew to find out what the current challenges are and identify improving opportunities.

3. Discuss with experts to find out solutions.

4. Test out the solutions.

5. Discuss with city council to get an approval.

6. Campaign to encourage citizens to take ownership and adopt a street and give incentives.

7. Have lunch with maintenance crew to thank their services.

It would be a productive and fun day! :)

Click for large image. (Credit: Apollo Homb)
Click for large image. (Credit: Apollo Homb)

That day has finally come. Delayed because of the pandemic rules, Apollo Homb will meet with the mayor on July 1, 2021 a 1PM at the Mayor's office.

Congratulations on the essay contest, Apollo, and on your patience!

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know:

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