The City of Rochester received a grant for the new splash pad that hoped to be ready for action by the spring of 2022.

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The City of Rochester Receives $195,000 Grant For New Splash Pad

According to a news release from the city, the $195,000 grant will support the new splash pad that will be a free, fun amenity in Lincolnshire Park. The grant was administered by the Minnesota DNR.

Rochester Parks and Recreation Director Paul Widman said the funds will allow the city to save 'hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each year because of a recirculating system that the grant allows the city to purchase.

“We are very excited to have received this grant from the DNR. These funds will allow the City of Rochester to save hundreds of thousands of gallons of water each year by employing a recirculating type system," Widman said. "It also allows for better control of the play elements for enhanced user experience. Finally, the grant dollars provide for a more fully accessible facility by adding paved walking/biking trails through the park.”

City Receives Splash Pad Feedback From Over 700 Community Members

The City of Rochester released a survey in March of 2021 for community members to provide feedback on the first splash pad, and in total over 740 community members responded to the survey. 

Key findings included:

  • Over 85% of respondents stated that they would use the splash pad
  • A request was made that buttons are the height of a wheelchair and other features be wheelchair accessible
  • Close parking for those with disabilities
  • The largest age group respondents stated they would take to the splash pad are 3-5 year olds
  • Community members shared that they anticipate frequenting the splash pad a few times a month, with Saturday being the day 76% of respondents stated they would be there
  • 85% of respondents desire shade elements outside of the splash pad area and 82% are seeking recycling and trash receptacles

This splash pad will be the first in Rochester, and the Rochester Parks Foundation has been vital in helping raise donations to support the project. The splash pad, along with all of its aquatic play elements, and the park's updated trails, is hoped to be completed in the spring of 2022.

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