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Rochester's Roo Yori's was set to make his run for the 2021 season on American Ninja Warrior Monday, but will he make an appearance on the show?

Rochester's own Roo Yori is, of course, famous in these parts-- and across the country-- for competing as the K-9 Ninja on NBC's monster hit show, American Ninja Warrior. Since he first burst onto the ANW scene over five years ago, he's been both competing on the show, as well as raising money for his own foundation that helps find forever homes for deserving dogs.

Roo, of course, has already been raising money to help homeless dogs through his amazing Wallace The Pitbull Foundation. Last year alone, he raised over $13,000 for homeless dogs! And, again this year, Roo and his followers have been raising even MORE money for dogs in need, by soliciting donations from dog-lovers and fans based on how many of the ANW obstacles he successfully conquers on Monday's show.

Here's the thing, though: On a post on this Facebook page over the weekend, Roo indicated that while he will make a brief appearance on the show (yay!), they won't be showing his run on the course. (Boo!)

According to his Facebook page:

The bad news is that unfortunately, they won't be showing my run on Monday's episode. The truth is that not everybody can be shown in every episode, and I've been fortunate to be shown multiple times over the years. Happy for all my Ninja friends who are getting their chance to shine!

The good news, though, is that not being shown doesn't mean that Roo won't make the finals. I've seen several episodes where a Ninja's run that wasn't shown was good enough to make the finals. And, he's still raising money for homeless dogs, too (You can donate HERE!) And, Roo's Pledge-It page has dates for both the semi-finals and the finals listed (so I'm taking that to be a good sign!)

Roo, of course, already knows how his run turned out, and if you can't watch the show tonight (American Ninja Warrior airs from 7 - 9 PM Mondays on NBC/KTTC in Rochester) to see for yourself, he'll announce the results of whether he'll be moving on on his Facebook page too.

Roo's a great guy, and stopped by our studios during one of his first years on ANW to talk about what it's like to be an American Ninja Warrior! Check out the video below. And speaking of athletes, do you know how many animals native to Minnesota can outrun humans? Keep scrolling to find out!

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