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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - A Rochester man was sentenced today for a felony conviction stemming from an alcohol-involved crash that occurred just before Christmas in 2020.

The judge in the case followed the plea agreement and handed 29-year-old Matthew Shaver a 41-month prison sentence. Shaver previously entered a Norgaard plea to a charge of criminal vehicular homicide as part of a plea deal that resulted in the dismissal of three other criminal vehicular homicide charges. The Norgaard plea means Shaver admits he is guilty but he has no recollection of his actions due to impairment from alcohol or drugs.


According to court records, Shaver was intoxicated and driving at speeds exceeding 100 mph just before his Jeep crashed into the back of another car on 18th Ave. Northwest the night of December 19, 2020. Testing conducted after the fatal crash showed his blood-alcohol concentration was .155 and the data recorder from his Jeep showed it was traveling at 107 mph just two seconds before the collision.

One person was killed in the crash. 24-year-old Joharmi Rubio was a passenger in a vehicle driven by her husband, 27-year-old Luis Rubio Lunar. He and Shaver were transported to St. Marys hospital with serious injuries.

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