Affordable housing...some of Rochester, Minnesota's best and brightest are working on making sure we have more affordable homes. This can take many forms...from condo to a 1940's house...and everything in between.

Valhalla Park Condos - Remax

When I bought my first place, a condominium up on 55th Street NW, in Rochester, the price was $52,000. I put down $4k, signed a contract for deed for the rest, and then a mortgage. A townhouse, really. Two floors, maybe 1,000 square feet. A palace to me after apartment living.

What can you get for under $100,000 in Rochester? The answer is these three homes. The final one in the gallery, a two-bedroom condo in Valhalla Park Condominiums (up on Elton Hills Drive, NW) is just one of a few available at that location (all under $100,000).

Rochester Minnesota - 3 Homes for Under $100,000

What can you buy for $100,000 in Rochester, Minnesota? Lots of stuff...but not many places to live. Lots of lots for sale,. but very few pieces of land with anything built on it. Take a look.

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Have You Cleared Your Sidewalk Yet? It's the Law

When it snows, you have to follow some rules if you own a home or business in Rochester.

Rochester's Sidewalk Snow Removal Rules (Scroll Slowly)

These are the snow removal laws in Rochester, Minnesota. They go for both homes and businesses. All of the information comes from here on the City of Rochester Website.

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