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Last week we learned the Shopko South giant SHOPKO letters were on the market, but what could you do with them? Use them for a new business? Sure! And I have some awesome business name suggestions for you to check out when you scroll down, but first, some background.

Yesterday, the big Shopko letters that were on the front of the building showed up at Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity and now, they can be yours.

You never know what will show up at the Rochester Area ReStore donation door! Here's the letters off the old SHOPKO south building in Rochester, MN. - Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity Facebook Page

Ken Quattrin, Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity
Ken Quattrin, Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity

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What Business Names Can You Make with the Letters?

Obviously, you could make "SHOPKO", but I dug in and found 10 awesome names you could use for a business. Free! From me to you with love. I've also included the possible businesses each name could be used for. Huge thank you to AJ on Instagram for the idea and your help..

10 Business Names You Could Make With Old SHOPKO Letters (and what kind of businesses they could be used for.)

Recently, Jessica Williams wrote this story...

"When the Shopko stores closed a few years ago in Rochester, everyone wondered what would happen next with the buildings...Right now, construction is happening at the South location for the new business moving in called At Home. Read More: 6 Huge Letters from Rochester's Old Shopko Store Can Now Be Yours"

The SHOPKO letters were given to Rochester Area ReSTORE and they're selling them at $200 a pop.

With my Instagram friend AJ, I got to thinking about what words you could make with SHOPKO and,'s my top ten!

Any names I missed? Any business ideas I missed? Let's see 'em!

As always, if you have a comment, complaint, or concern about something I wrote here, please let me know:

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