When I think of the Bee Gees, I think of Saturday Night Fever and John Travolta.  Two of the Bee Gees, brothers Maurice and Robin Gibb, were born December 22, 1949.

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The brothers Gibb, along with other brother Barry, formed the Bee Gees and went on to win a string of Grammy awards, most for the aforementioned Saturday Night Fever soundtrack which featured unforgettable songs like "Stayin' Alive" and "How Deep Is Your Love",  Can't you just see John Travolta out on the dance floor with the disco ball spinning?  Younger brother, Andy, had a solo singing career.  They had a sister, Lesley.
Maurice was the first Gibb twin to pass away, January 12, 2003 of complications of a twisted intestine; he was 53 years of age.  Robin passed at the age of 62 on May 20, 2012 from colorectal cancer, liver and kidney failure. The Bee Gees may be no more, but their music is stayin' alive.