Today's history is devoted to the one and only Chuck Mangione.  Ok, maybe he wasn't a rock star, but you have to admit he is one of the most talented musicians around.  Charles Frank Mangione was born November 29, 1940 in my neck of the woods, Rochester, New York.  He graduated from the Eastman School of Music in 1963.  A fantastic musician playing trumpet and flugelhorn, Mangione reached international stardom with his 1977 hit "Feels So Good".  He has released more than thirty albums since the 1960's.  Who remembers "Chase The Clouds Away" and "Hill Where The Lord Hides"?  Makes you want to search him on YouTube, doesn't it?  Mangione's most recent album was released in 2000, "Everything For Love".  In 2009, two of Mangione's band members were killed when a Continental jet crashed into a house in Buffalo, New York.  On April 29, 2012 Mangione was inducted into the Rochester Music Hall of Fame. To learn more about this amazing artist, visit his website.