It's Halloween once again, and this year we dug deep into the creepy, cobwebbed corners of our record collection to find classic rock's 30 scariest album covers.

You'll find werewolves, snakes, evil clowns, killer robots, and a horrifying variety of demons and devils in the gallery above. There's also plenty of flames and blood, and a Metallica cover that will have you thinking twice before entering your bathroom the next time nature calls.

As you might expect, nearly a full third of these scary album covers (9 out of 30) come from Black Sabbath or their two most famous front men, Ozzy Osbourne and Ronnie James Dio. Iron Maiden and their singer Bruce Dickinson earn a collective silver medal with three album covers, and, of course, Alice Cooper shows up more than once. Dickinson's 1997 album Accident of Birth also sports a cover that combines two 2016 headline-makers - with a creepy clown who also happens to be a spiked bat-wielding maniac.)

Of course, we saved the most terrifying cover of all for last, with the Rolling Stones clearly possessed and in the grips of one of the most terrifying trends ever to haunt classic rock.

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