What if I told you a Southern Minnesota high schooler could possibly help you avoid a trip to the doctor's office? That's exactly what Michelle Mai, senior at Century High School, is doing with her science fair project that has since gotten a lot of notice from places like Harvard University.

What did she develop for her project? An at-home strep throat detection kit. And KTTC reports that this kit is "more accurate than anything out there right now." This at-home kit could change the medical world.

Michelle told KTTC how the kit works:

“So, in here you see the one pink line, and that indicates negative,” Mai explained. “There should be another line that shows up right here, that should indicate a positive reaction.”

You can see results faster than the tests at a doctor's office too. So not only do you avoid going to see your doctor, but you also avoid the wait time to see if you've tested positive for strep.

You can read more about Michelle's at-home strep throat detection kit HERE!


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