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School Accidentally Hires Stripper Party Bus for Field Trip

One thing that Covi-19 has created a shortage in is the amount of bus drivers able to work at schools. Because of this, one school ended up renting a party bus to transport their kids to a field trip. Little did they know, the party bus ended up having stripper poles inside it!

Another Ray J and Kim K Sex Tape?

Wack 100, the former bodyguard of Ray J, claims that he is in possession of a second Ray J and Kim K sex tape.

This Is the Filthiest Spot in Your Bathroom

Believe it or not, neither the toilet nor sink is the dirtiest spot in your bathroom — the towel rack is! Why? Because they are rarely cleaned, and the bacteria from damp towels accumulates on the rack over time. (via Study Finds)

Taylor Swift Releases New Version of 'Wildest Dreams'

Below, listen to Taylor Swift's new version of "Wildest Dreams," which has gone viral on TikTok.

G-Eazy and Demi Lovato Team Up

Check out G-Eazy's new track "Breakdown," featuring Demi Lovato.

Celebrity Pregnancy Announcements That Made Major Headlines

From Beyonce’s record-breaking Instagram announcement to Britney Spears' first pregnancy, we’ve rounded up the most memorable celebrity pregnancies that made history in pop culture. Check it out, below.

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