Location is everything in real estate, right? Well, I just found an amazing penthouse apartment that is located high above downtown Rochester, Minnesota and offers incredible views of the city. See inside the 1,456 sq ft property which is located on the top level of the new Hotel Indigo below.

The listing says the property has one bedroom and two bathrooms. Only one bedroom? Yes, but you are right above a hotel so if your friends need to crash or you have family coming to visit you could just get them a room. If you can afford this penthouse you'll have no problem spending a little on a hotel room for your guests every once in a while.

Another perk of this property is the restaurant located at this hotel. I don't think room service is included, but you could easily order from Crave and take the elevator down to pick it up or have it delivered right up to your apartment.

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Realtor.com says the luxurious property has “custom stone and millwork, cabinetry, and a home command center for audio, visual, heating, air conditioning and windows – plus a private parking spot” in addition to the breathtaking views which you can see below.

This prime piece of real estate was originally listed in August of 2019 for a whopping $750,000 but the price has dropped several times over the last two years and it is currently listed for $578,000. The monthly mortgage is estimated to be around $3,000.  Keep scrolling to take a peek inside this beautiful apartment below.

Pricey Penthouse with Priceless Views of Downtown Rochester Minnesota

This one-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment is located inside Hotel Indigo in downtown Rochester Minnesota. The 1,456 sq ft property is currently listed for $578,00. 

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