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Costco, in Rochester, Minnesota, is installing self-checkout kiosks. Amber Whitlow, a manager from the Rochester Costco, confirmed self-checkouts are being installed, there will be six of them, and they should up and running by Monday.

After removing self-checkouts from Costco back in 2013, they've reversed course. Actually, they changed course a while ago,. Back in 2019, self-checkouts were being reinstalled and Costco EVP & CFO Richard Galanti said,

“It works best in high-volume locations where it's got a lot easier, particularly if you have a credit card now where you can just [pay] contactless...It's very fast and customers are using it. Our members are using it. And it's saving some labor at the front end. As important, on the highest volume units, it's getting people through the front end faster.”

Rise In Gas Prices Sends Drivers To Costco
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Over and over again Costco has said they don't go in much for Express Checkout Lanes (the 10 items or less type) because the average customer buys at least 16 items. The express line would be empty most of the time. But how many times did you want to run in, grab three or four items, and skedaddle? Now you can.

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Speaking of places to buy groceries...what we now know as Hy-Vee at Barlow Plaza used to be Barlow Foods in the Barlow Plaza. I found a brochure for their catering department and you HAVE to see it.

1970's Rochester Grocery Store Catering Options

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Back in 1930, this was how people grocery shopped. You told the clerks what you wanted and THEY got it for you. PS - This is the store that eventually grew into Aldi's and Trader Joe's (Getty Images)

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