There is one problem that I feel like most people agree on when it comes to the United States: parents don't get enough paid time off when they have a child.

The U.S. is actually quite behind compared to other countries when it comes to parental leave. Which is why sometimes co-workers will donate some of their PTO to expecting parents.

I think this is awesome! Unfortunately, "according to an upcoming employee benefits survey from the Society for Human Resource Management," only about 15% of U.S. companies allow employees to donate PTO to a co-worker, but hopefully, this trend will continue to grow!

According to the Washington Post, donating PTO has become a popular baby shower gift in federal offices. That would be the best baby shower gift ever!

Currently, in the U.S. the Family and Medical Leave Act requires that employers give mothers and fathers 12 weeks off, but it does not require employers to pay their employees over those 12 weeks. Hence the reason many people who are able to donate PTO, do!




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