I can tell you right now, if you're trying to potty train your kid with a Cheerio in the bowl to sharpen marksmanship skills, thinking your's will be the first son ever that doesn't pee all over the bathroom...you're setting yourself up for sadness, agony, and a losing battle. There IS a better way!

A Listener With An Upcoming Pee Problem!

Directly from our inbox, a question about potty training...

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The Sad News

There is never going to be a way to teach your son to stand in front of the toilet and empty their bladder without it causing a mess. It's not a lack of aim, it's a lack of the necessary machining to create a splatter-free and drip-free release.

The Good News

There is someone in Rochester, Minnesota that offers a FREE 2-minute 45-second tutorial on how to keep it in the toilet, and not on the walls. Just click play!

Can It Really Be That Simple???

I know it sounds impossible, and it might be if your sons are grown. Changing habits is hard. But you can ask. You can plead. You can tell them they're cleaning the bathroom every day if they won't sit down on the toilet for all calls, long-distance AND local. Maybe it'll take hold.

After all, when they have their own places, their loved ones won't run screaming from the bathroom, holding their knows, and begging for mercy.

What Minnesota Men Say About Always Sitting Down On the Home Toilet

The best way to keep your bathroom cleaner longer, and never sit in a puddle, is to make sure anyone with a penis in your home is sitting down for whatever bathroom business they have. Men were asked what they think about it...
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A very cool program gets high school students into actual fire fighting training!

LOOK: SE Minnesota High School Students Training To Be Firefighers

The Rohester Fire Department and Riverland Community College host a program to teach firefighting skills for local 11th and 12th graders annually. Plus, completing the course earns college credits for students and state certification is offered at the end of the program. It's a seven-day hands-on program.

Obviously, not as complete as the full training and education the Rochester FIrefighters experience, but a good strong taste. From a personal point of view, I have to say this is an amazing offering for students. A week of the program, knowledge gained, and even if you don't go on to be a firefighter, you'll have found strength in you you might not have known was there.

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