It seems like 2020 is flying on by faster than anyone would expect. Valentine's Day is tomorrow and I know plenty of last-minute shoppers out there who haven't gotten their significant other a gift yet... my dad is one of them! Here are six last-minute Valentine's Day gifts you can pick up in Minnesota on Valentine's Day.


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1. 6-Pack or Alcohol

If your significant other is older than 21, you can't go wrong with alcohol! If you are feeling crafty you can decorate a 6-pack to look festive. Otherwise, a nice bottle of wine, some whiskey, beer or White Claws all make a great gift!


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2. Scrapbook or Journal

Don't think you have to get crafty here... because you don't. My recommendation is to buy the supplies so the person can put the scrapbook together how they want. They can also turn it into a ticket stub book to remember your adventures. If you go to the journal route, you can always get some fun pens to go along with it to spice it up a little. From personal experience, guys like getting journals sometimes, so this gift idea isn't just for the ladies.


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3. Buck List book

Many people have ideas of things they want to do or accomplish in their lifetime. Barns and Noble have multiple awesome books that help you determine your bucket list as well as give you adventures to go on. I have one and absolutely love it.


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4. Electronics

This is a little bit more spendy! You can't go wrong with a Fitbit, Apple watch, at home speaker, or headphones. This is definitely a gift if you have been in a relationship for a while.


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5. Gift Cards

Some think gift cards are tacky... others love them. I personally think they are great because then the person can get exactly what they want. Some ideas... food places, coffee, favorite stores, hobby stores, spa's, nail salons, or hotel getaway cards.


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6. Personalized Coupons

This can be kind of fun to make. If you want to get fancy, you can make them on the computer or you can always just hand make them out of paper. Essentially they are "I Owe You's."  You could make cupon for things like a date night, breakfast in bed, shoveling the sidewalks, household chores... the options are endless depending on what you are willing to do.