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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - A commercial airplane made an emergency landing at the Rochester airport Thursday after the pilot reported “a strong smell of smoke in the cabin and cockpit.”

The emergency call was made just after 7:00 AM and the plane landed safely at 7:30 AM.

The 43 people on board were evacuated so the plane could be checked. A search of the cabin, cockpit, and cargo hold turned up no sign of a fire.

SkyWest 3757 (regional flight operating for Delta) was headed to Minneapolis after leaving St. Louis around 6:00 AM.


Rochester fire crews were sent to the airport at 7:15 Thursday morning to respond to an emergency call involving “an inbound commercial aircraft” reporting "the strong smell of smoke throughout the cabin and cockpit."

The preliminary report indicated there are 43 people on board the plane.

The plane landed around 7:30 without mishap Initial reports from the scene indicate there was no sign of smoke on the exterior. Passengers were evacuated while the plane was checked. Firefighters finished checking the cockpit and cabin at 7:50 AM and found nothing to indicate what caused the smell of smoke. They will check the cargo hold next.

SkyWest 3757 was headed to Minneapolis after leaving St Louis at 6:00 AM.


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