It's not very often that I miss work due to weather conditions. I honestly cannot remember the last time that happened.  Until today.  The forecast was ghastly, calling for rain, sleet, freezing rain - just about every form of precipitation that can fall from the sky.  I can do snow.  Doesn't bother me to drive in snow.  But ice?  No, thank you.  The icy glaze on the hill near my house could rival any of the Swiss Alps.  Not wanting ski to work, and not owning a toboggan, I opted to stay home. How did I spend my snow day?  Work emails.  Cleaned my kitchen, well part of it, I found my kitchen table underneath a mound of mail and newspapers.  More work emails.  Work calls from Luke.  KFIL and KVGO website and Facebook postings.  Some Valentine's Day crafts.

IEdwards TSM

Now I'm bored. Time for dinner and then The Bachelor.  Hopefully tomorrow the roads will be salted and sanded.  Two days home would drive me crazy from boredom!  What did you do on your snow day?