Your going to like these.

Who knew Minnesota was home to some pretty sweet stories. Well, of all the research I did online, I think Minnesota defiantly has some of the best. Thanks to the website, I found a few that are going to make you proud to be a Minnesotan.

So here they are.

In the year 1929, in the city of Duluth, this happened. There was a local drunk who chased a bear with a hammer. That lead to a standoff in the Hotel Duluth Coffee Shop with the bear and Sergeant Eli Le Beau.

There was a gentleman in 2012 that had his license revoked due to driving to slow on a 2 lane road. I guess there was no left lane to drive on.

In the year 2014, in Red Wing Minnesota, a trash man dumped about 2 tons of trash on a customers driveway. The reason, he had not paid for his roll off that the trash was in.

Minnesota is known for the cold, so with that comes beards and mustaches. Helps with the cold, and this I know. But in 2010, KARE11 has one of the largest gatherings of men with mustaches. A little over 1,100.

And Finally, in the year 2009, a man from Proctor was arrested for a DWI. But, this one was different. He was arrested for driving a motorized recliner.

Good stories happen in Minnesota, I have had my share of them. But these ones, are awesome.

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