April Fools' Day has come and gone and some creative pranks were played. Did you fall for any of these? I guess I can understand why some North Shore tourists ask some funny questions about whales migrating, and other creatures if these kinds of pranks are circulating.

The Narwahl migration resurfaces, literally.

Narwhals do actually exist, but they are in the artic regions in the ocean. Sure, we may be cold enough, but they are a saltwater aquatic animal, and aren't in Lake Superior.

Deer to swim, but not in herds.

Voyageurs Conservancy had some fun with photoshop. A herd of bucks supposedly was migrating across the lakes. Did you know that deer can actually swim? They just usually don't swim with a herd of other deer and there isn't an aquatic migration.

Whale-watching tours are available! Boy, they really went far.  They even put an active page on their website where they go in depth about what you can expect on your whale watching tour that only takes place on April 1st, and depart every 420 seconds. Yeah, right.

I found two particular drinks that debuted on April 1st to be quite clever. Except I probably would try to order the pickle margarita for myself. That looks delicious.

Northern Taphouse in Plymouth, Minnesota always has some great bloody marys of the month. They debuted this stinker on April 1st.

Honorable mention: Wisconsins Charlie Behrens signs with da bears.

I hope you didn't get fooled too badly this year. I'm still bitter about the pickle margarita.

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