Forget the snow that is expected during the middle of the week, no one knows when or where the heavy white stuff will fall. Instead think about this, with area rivers and waterways still running fast and full, a Southern Minnesota town has embraced the flooding and threw a party last weekend. Cue up the first ever Henderson, Minnesota Flood Fest.

Flood Fest

Why not, right? The town had some live music and food, you can't go wrong with that in the town of about 900 residents. The flyer, which was found here, reads:

"The roads are closed, the flood gates are up so let's get down!" - Flood Fest Flyer

The fest was organized as a way to draw awareness for the need in some Southern Minnesota towns like Henderson of the need for more flood mitigation funds. According to the Mankato Free Press, "This legislative session, Henderson city leaders are asking the state for more than $18 million to raise one of its roads that floods regularly."

I reached out by phone to the City Administrator, Lon Berberich, to see how well attended the first Flood Fest was. I left a voicemail and will update this when and if I hear back from Mr. Berberich.

A bill (H.F. 1429) authored by Rep. Glenn Gruenhagen who represents the area which includes Henderson was returned recently by the Chair to the Ways and Means committee. The bill asks for "$18,664,500 as a grant for construction improvements to Sibley County State-Aid Highway 6, known as Scenic Byway 6," which comes into town on the North side, closest to the Minnesota River.

The mitigation bill's companion in the Senate hasn't seen any momentum since it was referred to the Capital Investment committee back in February.


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