I was doing some reading in the Fillmore Country Journal and I saw this story that there will be a special deer hunt in the city limits of Preston!

According to the story,"A long list of requirements for a special hunt will be included for those who register. There will be no hunting in the more populated city center (the red area on a map to be provided). Hunting would be allowed in outer portions, including park land and open land. Permission of the property owner is a must."

So, from the sound of it, in the city limits of Preston there will be archery hunting available.

The council approved the special hunt within the city limits in the designated areas using archery only. Councilman Robert Maust was the only member to vote no because in his opinion there should be no hunting within the city limits.

According to the article, "The city prohibits the "shooting of any firearm, rocket or other projectile within the corporate limits of the city." However, there is no specific prohibition against hunting."

There is a special hunt in the first two weeks of 2017, including two weekends set up by the DNR. There is a special zone that includes about a 10 miles radius around Preston that the special hunt is going to take place.

The DNR wants to have about 1,200 deer harvested to test for Chronic Wasting Disease. The point restriction has been removed for the special hunt, and hunters can get tags for $2.50. From my understanding there is no limit on how many deer a hunter can take.

Can someone tell me why archery isn't included as a projectile? I am not a hunter, personally, but this sounds a little weird to have hunting available in the city limits. I don't know much about hunting, so I am willing to hear anything about how this will benefit the City of Preston!

Also, will this special hunt ruin the hunter for the next several years? If you take out all the deer now, there will not be any in the future, so this special hunt seems a little odd to me.

I did my digging and I couldn't find a map that will have a red area where the hunting will not be allowed. I assume that it will be provided at a later date.

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