Monday's meeting of the Preston Lions Club was an emotional one for me.  Our special guest was Judy Lundy and her service dog, Pepper.  Judy has a hearing impairment and spoke about her journey with hearing loss which ultimately lead to her obtaining Pepper.  Quite a moving story, but not the reason for this article.
Preston resident, Lion Erik Paulson, spoke of his plans to dedicate a tree Saturday April 22.  During the storms last year, Goose Flats Park, located next to Root River Vet Clinic, lost a couple of crab apple trees.  Erik has arranged for the planting of a new tree as part of Earth Day and Preston Pride Clean Up Day.  He explained that the tree will be planted in honor of his grandfather, who was also a Lion.  Erik stated that with the birth of each grandchild, his grandfather planted a tree.  He also went on to explain that his grandfather was the "solid oak" of their family; thus, the new tree in Goose Flat Park will be an oak.  What a beautiful tribute.
If you want to be on hand for the dedication, stop by Goose Flats Park Saturday around 12:30.  The weather should be perfect and I know Erik would appreciate the support.  Thank you, Erik, for your generosity.

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