You might want to start gathering your paranormal investigating gear, there's an Airbnb in St. Paul, Minnesota that might be haunted! The host says the home (that looks like a castle) is about 10 minutes from MSP and was at one point named the 'most mysterious house' in St. Paul.

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While, yes, the outside of the home by itself makes it look mysterious, I think some mysterious things could be going down inside. First of all, the place was built in 1883. Second of all, the host says he allows people to rent the place for daytime events like paranormal investigations. Seriously, it says that in the listing:

We also book for day time events like photo/video shoots, paranormal investigations ...

If you're brave enough, you can book a stay here. You don't get the whole place when you book it for the night (I would think for a daytime event you can get the whole house but I don't know for sure) it's a private room in the home. Even though I'm a little weary about staying in a room in a stranger's home, this place looks amazing and the host gets great reviews, so it's tempting. Keep scrolling to check out the pictures.

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