Rochester, MN (KROC AM News) - For the third time in the past 5 years, Rochester Public Utilities is advising its customers to start checking their water temperature.

The recent cold weather has pushed the frost depth to four feet or more in the Rochester area. RPU has already received calls from customers who are reporting frozen water pipes.

RPU is urging all customers, business and residential, to check the temperature of their water. If it drops below 36 degrees, customers are urged to run a pencil-thin stream of water from a faucet. This is especially important for customers who have had problems in the past.

The advisory recommends keeping the stream flowing and to continue monitoring the temperature until further notice.

RPU says a frozen water service repair can cost between $800- $1,500. The cost to run a constant pencil-width stream of water is approximately $60- $100 per month including sewer fees. If you are going to run your water, contact RPU.

RPU issued similar advisories in 2014 and 2015.

View Rochester’s real-time frost level graph at

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