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One of the greatest things to see is kindness being role modeled. It brings a deep and lasting smile to our face and our heart. Sometimes, it even manages to warm us to our toes. We saw it this week with Rochester Hopscotch UPS Guy, and now it's time to see Stewartville's Sledding Mailman.

He doesn’t get annoyed of them crowding around the mailbox, but instead has a little conversations with them that makes them feel like he cares!

Katie Bunne was looking out the window at home and saw the mailman her whole family just loves. What was he doing? Takin' a break from his rounds to sled with the kids. To role model kindness and fun. A lot of us grow up and forget to have fun at work, and Pete shows us it is so worth it to make time for fun, for creating memories.

My FAVORITE part of video...he's off!     (Credit Katie Bunne)

I asked Katie tell me about Pete. Here's what she said,

The video says it all! Pete makes time for matter what neighborhood he is in. He doesn’t get annoyed of them crowding around the mailbox, but instead has a little conversations with them that makes them feel like he cares!

Pete is such a big part of our day that no matter what we are doing we include him:

-making valentines for school “get one for Pete “

-Christmas gifts -“get one for Pete “

-making cookies “save a few for Pete”

-grocery shopping “we better get something for Pete”

Pete is an example of how a simple smile, hello, and a little conversation can brighten a child/persons Day! (and a sometimes a piece of candy)

The community of Stewartville blessed to be served by a mailman like Pete ♥️

It's short and sweet, and high-five Pete! Stewartville and all of Southeastern Minnesota are proud to have you in our community!

The community of Stewartville is blessed to be served by mailman like Pete ♥️

According to the City of Stewartville, the mailman is Pete.

"Since everyone is loving the UPS video, another citizen shared a heartwarming video of the Pete, the mailman sledding with neighborhood kids! How lucky are we, to have role models like this in Stewartville?!!! SOOOO LUCKY!"

If you missed the UPS Hopscotch Guy,  click HERE or the photo to feel even more all warm and fuzzy inside!


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