If you are looking to make a quick stop for food off of I-90, or just looking to cure that Taco Bell craving, the new restaurant in Stewartville is officially open.

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It was pretty amazing to watch the Taco Bell be built throughout the summer. I live in Stewartville and drove past the location nearly every day and it truly didn't take long for it to pop up.

Back in May, the talks of a Taco Bell being built in Stewartville made their way to a City Council meeting, and the store was built in a hurry.

TSM/Luke Lonien
TSM/Luke Lonien

As I drove by yesterday the parking lot was nearly full, and even when I was driving past at 11:30 at night coming home from a High School football broadcast there were numerous cars in the drive-thru. Not bad for being open for one day, right?

Everything You Need to Know About Stewartville's Taco Bell

Located at 100 Schumann Dr. Northwest (across from the North Kwik Trip in Stewartville), the dine-in hours according to Taco Bell's official website are 6 a.m. to 10 p.m .and the drive-thru is open from 6 a.m. to Midnight.

taco bell
Justin Sullivan, Getty Images

According to Indeed they are still hiring and looking for people to work as cashiers, cooks, and more. You can get more information on that here. The Taco Bell in Stewartville also has delivery available through Grub Hub, if you want your Crunchwrap Supreme (or whatever your go-to Taco Bell order is) delivered.

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