When it comes to Thanksgiving, you can slap pretty much anything and everything on my plate. I love it all. Not surprising that it is my favorite holiday of the year.

There are times when those surveys come around, that I cannot give a number one answer. This is one of those times.

Zippia.com looked at some Google data to find out each state's favorite Thanksgiving side dish. Americans chose mashed potatoes as their favorite Thanksgiving side dish. That answer was also the number one side dish for Minnesota as well.


That’s a totally cool answer by me. But if it would have been stuffing, I would have been fine with that - or that green bean hotdish, with those French fried onions on the top - or that corn hotdish. Heck, I’d be cool with just Turkey and just a side of gravy.

Here are Minnesota's favorite Thanksgiving sides.

  1. Mashed potatoes
  2. Turkey gravy
  3. Green bean casserole
  4. Stuffing
  5. Rolls

Overall, it was pretty normal and standard answers. Except for one - Maine. Maine decided that they are big fans of the side salad.

So, Maine, because of that you are excused from the Thanksgiving day festivities. Go to your room and think about it for a while, and when you come to your senses, maybe we will let you have a seat back at that table.

Other top sides:

  • Green Bean Casserole - 7 states
  • Mac and Cheese - 6 states
  • Various forms of stuffing - 7 states

Damn those surveys! Now you got me thinking about all that awesome Thanksgiving day food. And I still got a couple of weeks to wait.

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