We all love Target!  They've got everything that a Minnesota mom dreams about and those #TargetRuns have become more of a required outing.  My credit card bill reminds me that their clearance is hands-down THE BEST and right now the Back-To-School section is a popular area.  There is something new in the back-to-school section though that a bunch of moms are super thankful for...because this one item has been missing for their kids.

On store shelves this year, for the first time ever, are adaptive backpacks for wheelchairs.


The backpack in these photos are selling at Target.com for $39.99 and comes in a few different colors.


According to the website, some of the features of the new backpack include:

  • Adaptive design features adjustable handle straps and bag hooks for versatile mounting on wheelchairs
  • Tuck-away back straps to prevent tangling and dragging
  • Full-zip, gusseted opening for easy access
  • Plenty of zippered pockets on the interior and exterior of the bag to organize belongings
  • Access ports for tubes and cables
  • Easy-grab zipper pulls

Target also features adaptive clothing!

If you haven't explored this area of Target, please take a second and look around.  This store has an entire section decided to adaptive clothing.  PJ's, coats, shirts, pants.  Many have zippers down the arms so it is easy to get clothing on around tubes, ports, and other medical items.  A few of the items are below but you can see all of the clothing available here.


At some point, everyone needs to wear a pair of khaki's!  Check out this cute pair that is available now.


Probably my favorite item is this coat.  It is part of the Target Adaptive line of clothing, which according to the website, was "made in collaboration with guests of all abilities, to create seasonal and every day products that offer style, value, comfort, and functionality."


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